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Real Estate anywhere and everywhere

Looking after property anywhere & everywhere

Geography no longer matters in real estate. 

The local agent who only looks after one suburb is a thing of the past.

Todays agency has the knowledge and technology the be able to list, advertise and manage property everywhere. 

Todays agent has systems in place to be able to allow landlords, vendors and tenants the ability to compete documents and chat remotely and on the go.

Welcome to Everywhere Real Estate.

Technology based

real estate


We are a 100% paperless agency. Systems and platforms have been created and implemented to allow Everywhere Real Estate to work remotely from inception.

- Digital Signature Lease Agreements and Authorities

- Cloud Storage which allows us 24/7 access to every file

- Tenant and Owner portals

- Digital Condition and Routine Inspection Reports

- Online Maintenance Platform

- Virtual Tours of our properties 


Property Appraisals

We can provide a detailed property report with comparable sales, rentals and listings for any suburb. This report is FREE of charge.


Our vast knowledge of Melbourne and online marketing ability allows us find buyers for every suburb for every type of property.


Already we are Leasing and Managing properties everywhere in Melbourne. From houses to apartments, we do it all.

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